Brilliant Bloomers
Nursery School
1734 Post Road, Wells, ME 04090
Mailing:   PO Box 1215, Wells, 04090
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Registration for the 2019-2020 school year at Brilliant Bloomers begins on Friday, February 8th!

If you'd like a registration packet, have any questions, or want to schedule a tour of the school, please contact Laurene Randle by calling the school (641-2227) or emailing

Come find out what makes our preschool experience unique! 

smile em  Brilliant Bloomers offers advanced Kindergarten prep
              with interactive learning and creative play
         in a fun and loving small-classroom environment.
(Logo design by Piper Castles, Kennebunk, ME)

Iyou would like to meet the lead teacher, take a tour of the preschool, and learn more about the preschool program, please call Brilliant Bloomers at 641-2227, fill out the submission form on the "Virtual tour/More info" page, or email  

    Thank you for your interest!

    Brilliant Bloomers
      also offers:
  • Highly-educated and experienced
  • teachers
  • Multi-sensory teaching techniques (with a strong focus on phonics) to make learning feel like play*
  • Maximum of 12 kids with 2 teachers!
  • Spanish lessons
  • Yoga instruction
  • A large playground
  • 3 indoor play rooms, including a movement play room
  • Opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom
  • Daily art and theme-related activities
  • Curriculum designed with input from the K teachers at Wells Elementary
  • Community playdates
  • And much more!

The students at Brilliant Bloomers also perform both a holiday concert in December and an end-of-year play in June.


*At Brilliant Bloomers we use multisensory teaching techniques because we understand and respect the fact that every child learns through a different combination of learning styles. The 3 primary learning styles are auditory (listening), visual (sight), and kinesthetic (motor).  Brilliant Bloomers teachers use all 3 of these primary learning styles every day to teach preschool-level academics, and even incorporate the 2 secondary learning modalities, olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste), as often as possible. By teaching in a multisensory fashion, learning seems just like PLAY!


To learn about the teachers, take a virtual tour of Brilliant Bloomers Nursery School, and learn more about what makes this preschool unique, please see the "Virtual tour/More info" page of this website.
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